I’ve been saying this the last couple of days, but man… I still cannot shake myself to believe that this is all happening! On Wednesday, October 21, 2020 – the love of my life proposed to me and I am one heck of a happy bean!

My last blog post was about 3 weeks ago and as I reflect on it, I realize that this is definitely one special and important milestone that I wish my dad could physically be part of. A milestone that has made me so nervous to think about because I’ve cried at every Father-Daughter dance. A milestone where I’ve had to accept my dad can’t physically be part of. A milestone where I want to just hug him. One thing I do know though is that his spirit was all around us the whole week leading up to the proposal and funny enough, through such little signs, I could actually feel him being present. So first of all, I’m usually not the kind of person to be superstitious or whatnot but it is evident that there are signs sent down by our loved ones. One prominent one with my dad would be a direct ray of sunshine every time we visit his grave (even on the cloudiest days) but the following story is a little different… But I mean, please tell me that this isn’t kinda crazy:

After my Dad passed, special occasions were obviously hard but somehow my mom and I would always see a fly or be bothered by one. This occurrence happened quite a few times actually so it became a nice inside joke. Fast forward to this week, I got stung on my left hand by a wasp just hours before Zack proposed to me, and then as he proposed, a fly landed right on my forehead. Zack had to wave it away and I mean it was odd because it was pretty cold outside. Later on, my Mom tells us a fly would not leave her alone at work. No one else was bothered, just her. THEN when Zack was taking out the stinger in my hand, a fly landed on his arm. And THEN, get this, during our celebratory engagement dinner, a fly landed on his arm and we both just stared at each other and got goosebumps… I mean this place was so incredibly elegant and it was the only fly seen and then never seen again after that. So yeah, either way, I know that my Dad is watching over us but this is just too coincidental not to share! 

As for the engagement itself, I did not expect it at all but I could not be any happier. All I knew was that Zack had booked us a photography session for our 2 years anniversary and then all of a sudden I found him on one knee. Rewind 3 years ago, I wouldn’t believe anyone who’d tell me this is where I’ll be now. With all that said, I am thankful for all the struggles and pain along the way because those detours and lessons are the reason I am where I am now and with who I am now.

So what’s the lesson here? I mean, I certainly did not expect to receive such a blessing during such a confusing, complex, and tough year. So what did I learn? Continue to have faith. Stop worrying. And trust that God is working in your life, even when you don’t see it or understand why things happen the way they do. Because you know what? Being able to leave it all in His hands and believe that everything will happen when they’re meant to, gives you a sense of peace and the ability to just enjoy life… even in the most difficult of times.

(A special THANK YOU to all my amazing friends who helped plan everything and kept such a big secret. I honestly could not have asked for any better friends. I truly appreciate all the efforts leading up to the proposal and am already thankful for all the love, help & support moving forward in planning our wedding! XOXO)

Here’s to continuing to SEE all the beauty within the chaos of 2020!

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