So Long & Farewell 2020!

So Long & Farewell 2020!

Somehow, today is the last day of 2020. Now, I don’t know if I feel like 2020 went by somewhat quickly or too slow. All I know is that I am definitely ready to kiss this year GOODBYEEE. As we all wish and pray for a better year, I’ll definitely keep an open mind to what 2021 will offer. For now, I want to reflect on this year in a positive way. In order to do this, I’ve decided to write a list of all the blessings and highlights (big and small) that still came out of this past year. I hope I can encourage you to do the same – no matter how terrible, heavy, difficult, or dreadful your 2020 was.

A List of Positive Events & Blessings in 2020:

  1. Zack & I got engaged!
  2. We survived 2020 without getting covid!!!!!!!
  3. Our family & friends stayed healthy and safe this year
  4. I had the opportunity to spend time with a loved one before they passed away
  5. I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala for a mission trip back in February where I got to see MVC’s project first hand (Missionary Ventures Canada is the non profit I currently work for). We also got to go zip-lining up in the mountains in Pana – which was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life so far 
  6. My Ma found her special someone
  7. The chronic headaches I kept getting became more bearable with medicine and rest
  8. The opportunity to just stay home and rest
  9. Family & Friends who visited me during my healing period
  10. We were able to renovate our office room
  11. We were able to renovate our bedroom 
  12. We got a new, comfier & bigger bed
  13. We bought a new truck together
  14. We bought a boat and got to take it out several times in the summer
  15. I went on my first fishing trip up north
  16. I filled a stringer with fish
  17. I saw a moose in the wild for the first time
  18. I finally created my own website & blog 
  19. Sparking my creativity again
  20. I learned how to make hand-poured candles
  21. Created my own fundraising initiative, selling handmade products
  22. I got my professional mic out and started to play more guitar
  23. We visited our first wedding venue and did other venue tours online
  24. We both got new bikes and went for a few nice bike rides in the summer
  25. Got to spend more time together as a family at home
  26. We started bringing Kai to our new local dog park
  27. Kai finally learened how to swim
  28. We had time to go on long spontaneous drives
  29. We were able to celebrate with our friends who got married
  30. I had the honour to stand beside one of my closest friends at her wedding
  31. Celebrating friends’ milestones, birthdays & graduations 
  32. Zack getting out a slip n’ slide during a rain storm.
  33. Being able to spend time at a cottage with friends
  34. Online game nights
  35. Beautiful summer sunsets
  36. Our fancy (and delicious) engagement dinner @ Langdon Hall
  37. Zack’s first time visiting the CN Tower
  38. Celebrating my 24th Birthday by doing a wine tour with some friends
  39. Zack turned the big 25
  40. A Fiancé that knows how to pretty much fix anything
  41. Being able to FaceTime our families 
  42. Paying off a credit card
  43. Lots and lots of purging & cleaning
  44. Finished reading 4 books
  45. Completed over 5 puzzles during quarantine
  46. I was able to go back to work before the end of the year
  47. MVC ended the year in a much better way than what was predicted
  48. MVC was able to help many in need overseas during the pandemic 
  49. Thanksgiving (social distanced) gatherings with friends & family
  50. I found my new love for anything pumpkin spiced
  51. My aunt is pregnant – I’ll be a new auntie next year!
  52. Got a new coffee grinder and maker (mornings are somehow more exciting this way)
  53. Got an air fryer lol
  54. Was able to give my grandparents in the Philippines an air fryer too LOL
  55. A blessed Christmas with many wonderful (very unexpected) presents
  56. We were able to give everyone presents this year
  57. I got a family-members-only “T-shirt ornament” from Zack’s Grandma
  58. We were able to socially distance visit with loved ones
  59. Went to a drive-thru Christmas light show with our family
  60. I was able to get myself a new Macbook (My last one was from 2014 when I graduated high school.. so yeah, it was well over due!)
  61. Having a safe home to live in
  62. Being able to eat 3 meals a day
  63. Having the cutest pup who turned 3 years old this year
  64. *And all the other little things that may not be so little to others*
  65. Having the mindset that I do now to tackle the next year

I’m sure I missed some. But, yeah! It may not have seemed like 2020 was a year filled with highlights and blessings but when I reflect and count all of the good things that still happened, 2020 maybe wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

Praying that 2021 is a year filled with more joy, blessings, and good health!


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