Fundraising Initiative

We are so happy to announce that ALL Beauty In The Chaos products include a donation towards a Local Non-Profit as we believe in the importance of giving back, especially within your own community and to always share your blessings!

Profits raised in 2021 will go towards ImpactHope and their Project 'Hogar Genesis' which is a Children's Home in Iquitos, Peru for neglected and abandoned children.


About ImpactHope

ImpactHope's vision is to support communities as they care for the vulnerable and stand against injustice. They are more than an Organization; ImpactHope is a movement of people who are actively committed to share the good news of Christ, fight poverty, alleviate suffering and bring freedom to the oppressed!

ImpactHope’s teams work across the globe to shape stronger communities in Guatamala, Peru, Haiti, Mexico, Africa and beyond. To learn more about ImpactHope and their projects, you can click here to visit their website.

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As we are all aware, COVID19 has changed life as we know it. This pandemic didn't only bring sickness into the world, but it also emphasized already-existing and pressing world issues. I actually work for a Non-Profit Organization and that means hearing heartbreaking stories firsthand. All of these cries for help made me feel like I could do just a little more to help. And this became the sole purpose of why I started making candles in the first place - to raise funds for a cause I cared. In the process, I fell in-love with the process of candle-making and it became a hobby where I could become creative and allow myself to have some fun (especially during a lock down!).

Little did I know, a couple months later, my candles would end up on ETSY and create a brand in itself. The amount of love and support that I have received during this time has been incredible and humbling. The meaning and purpose behind Beauty In The Chaos has shown itself through each and every one of you and I only hope to continue seek all the beauty in life IN EVERY SEASON, even in the midst of ALL THE CHAOS! 

Together, we can celebrate the little victories and we can also grieve during the sad and difficult times. Together, we can help one another during hardships and trials. Only together is how we can get through to the other side!

On behalf of both Beauty In The Chaos & ImpactHope, Thank You SO Much For Your Support! 

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