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The Story Behind the  'Beauty in the ChaosSHOP

As we are all aware, COVID19 has changed life as we know it. This pandemic didn't only bring sickness into the world, but it also emphasized already-existing and pressing world issues. Working for a Non-Profit Organization means hearing heartbreaking stories firsthand. This re-ignited my passion to spread awareness and influence personal participation to help & serve those in need, especially during difficult times such as this. If you know me, I thrive off of music, stationary aesthetics, and pretty much everything self-care. So, I've decided to re-spark my creativity with the hopes of bringing joy, raising funds to help those in need, and sharing stories of those who aren't shown in the mainstream media.

Our Goal & Vision

OUR GOAL is to spark joy & gratitude through carefully handmade pieces.

OUR VISION is to encourage others to seek the beauty in life, even in the midst of all the chaos. In other words, to find the good and the positives in life - no matter how tough or overwhelming it can be.

Fundraising Initiative

*A portion of ALL purchases will be donated to a local non-profit!*

In 2021, profits raised will go towards ImpactHope and their Children's Home they are preparing for abandoned & neglected children in Iquitos, Peru.

So far, YOU have raised $1,048.15 for children in Peru!

For more information about ImpactHope, please click here.

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They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and they smell AMAZING. These are going to make incredible Christmas gifts! - Jocelyn B.

Thanks so much for for these beautiful candles! I already gave two away. These are such great gifts to give. - Jaz V.

I love how they all smell but my favourite scent is Lavender Love! I'll be getting more in the near future! - Jennifer N.

I'm finished another candle, onto the next! - Katrina M.

Your candles are so pretty and deliciously scented! - Tanya M.

I can smell the candles just by smelling the box they came in. They're also too pretty to even burn! - Megan S. 

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